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John D. Cox

With more than 25 years of actual DJ experience, you won’t find a more accomplished, skilled and entertaining person to help you with your wedding. Music has been in my life from an early age. At 8 years old, I would pretend to DJ on the radio using my parents’ Beach Boys records and a wooden spoon for a mic. At 17, I starting DJing on the radio and I was hooked!


In college I majored in communication and performing arts, where I honed my improvisation and listening skills to better connect with people and smoothly adjust to every situation (including that inebriated party guest that always seems to show up!).


Working on the radio was fun, but it was the energy of a live crowd that drew me to DJing in clubs. Seeing an audience react to my performance was, and still is, very addicting. I hung up my radio headphones, took up the mantle of being a live performer and have not looked back since!


DJing in clubs taught me many things, the most important of which is reading the crowd in order to keep the energy flowing. That talent, along with being an astute emcee, has taken me from downtown Indianapolis, to Denver, Cincinnati, and the coast of San Diego.


Life takes us many places before we truly find our home. Iowa is just that, with my beautiful wife, daughter, and son by my side. They are my biggest and littlest fans. No matter the distances I travel for events, Iowa is home! With a new home came a new direction. So, in 2006 I knew that my experience, education and passion were calling me to entertain at weddings. Weddings are a live performance that require confidence, skill and flexibility to come together seamlessly. The best part of every event is developing relationships with my couples and helping them achieve the experience they want for their big day. Knowing that I can give them a personalized experience based on that relationship is what drives me to make every wedding better and more unique than the last.


College and life have blessed me with knowledge and experience, but there is always more to learn. I am committed to ongoing professional development and have studied under Mark Ferrell, Bill Hermann, Michael Walter and Joe Bunn, just to name a few.  All highly respected instructors in the art of being a Master of Ceremonies and entertainer. As a trained Master of Ceremonies, you can trust me to bring your guests along on an experience that is your story. The love isn’t just in the words, it’s in how the words come to life.


During your wedding day there are countless opportunities for you and your guests to experience the emotion of your day. Some may perceive these as the simplest of tasks, but bringing the room to attention for introductions, transitions when introducing members of your wedding party for a toast, and most importantly presenting the two of you for your fist dance and parent dances, takes the finesse of a professional that truly cares.


With all of my music, DJing, emceeing, experience and knowledge I have acquired through the years, please take advantage of all that I have to offer. Thank you for letting me be your Master of Ceremonies and DJ!

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